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The Guard (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Details and Techniques)

Review from TapouT Magazine (issue 11)

The Guard

by Bobby Pittman

As we all know the guard is a great position for MMA and BJJ competition. Any fighter should have a good understanding of the guard—from having an opponent in the guard to being in your opponent’s guard. As I’ve trained over the years, I’ve constantly seen the same moves done thousands of times from the guard: triangles, armbars, Kimuras, oma platas, gi chokes, etc. I’ve yet to see someone who really expands on this position in their teaching methods…until now.

I recently received a book from author Ed Beneville called The Guard: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Details and Techniques. Ed teamed up with seventh-degree black belt Joe Moreira to write a series of books with techniques and training principles. Joe has 37 years of experience and also holds a third degree black belt in judo. This experience has lead Joe to many championships throughout his career. Ed is a black belt in BJJ under Joe. I was expecting a lot once I read the credentials.

At first I just scanned the pages looking for things to catch my eye. I saw a lot of moves I’d never seen before and some I’d never even thought of. The beginning of the book includes a key explaining different symbol used in the book. This was a little tricky at first, but was a big help once I understood it. The symbols explain several things like where the move starts, where it ends, which direction to go and different angles. It made it much easier to understand the moves. If you didn’t get it the first time, just look at it from another angle, and then there’s even a third angle.

The symbols were very helpful, but the sheer amount of information contained in this book really blew me away. I couldn’t believe how much there is to the guard that I never knew about. Joe takes you through basically every scenario you could ever think up from the guard. Form every position Joe teaches a group or series of moves rather than just one, so if one move doesn’t work then just go to the next and the next, etc. Whether your opponent’s stalling, his head is up or down, he’s going for the submission, or whatever else you can think up, Joe gives you a series of moves to counter and submit your opponent.

Overall, I though this was an amazing book and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to raise their grappling game to the next level.

Reviewer: Montanha
Author of Martial Arts books

"The Guard" by Joe Moreira and Ed Beneville

This book like most books from the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
genre having its foundation in a well known member of
the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community that introduced us
to this great grappling art here in America, to
demonstrate its techniques. Joe Moreira is also the
premiere pioneer in organizing the first of the big
quality tournaments in California. Joe's
qualifications are many and up to the task.

I want to direct my praise tho, to the co-author, Ed
Beneville the driving force in producing this book. Ed
being an Independent Author/Publisher, is in my
opinion the most articulate of the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
genre authors. His understanding of Jiu-jitsu's
details and techniques are expert. But where this book
excels is Ed's view of the big picture, giving the
reader a clear educational thread throughout the book,
evident in its organization and sequence of presenting
Jiu-jitsu's techniques. A true educational text.

I like this choice of topics, "The Guard", which is
the personality of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and has long
deserved a book devoted to it. Ed Beneville has once
again raised the bar for quality Martial Arts
instructional books.

This book will be a staple in my library and one that
I will recommend to others. Sure wish I would have had
Ed Beneville on my production team when I was writing
my books.

Get this book! and understand what is Brazilian
Jiu-jitsu, its Guard!

Nathan Wager (a.k.a., internet legend “Ground Hog”)

Ed Beneville's book "The Guard."

 I've bought many bjj instuctional books (too many in fact).  I usually flip through the entire book in one sitting.  It's hard to get through the text many times since the authors are borderline illiterate and the pictures suck or are black and white.

Beneville's book is the exact opposite.  This books sucks you in.  You read it, you think about it, you try some of the moves in training and you come back to it to catch some more details and refine the position.  To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be the height of understatement.  Beneville may not have a famous last name in the world of bjj but he should.  He's put a lot into this effort and it shows.  There are too many techniques in the book to even mention.  This is an exhaustive study on the guard.  I cannot imagine that there are too many people out there who wouldn't take a lot away from this book.  I have and intend to continue studying it.

The only thing that I would say by way of constructive criticism is that the pictures in the book are a bit small.  I imagine this is the case because he put so many pics in to demonstrate entire sequences inclusive of "what if" scenarios.  But if Beneville ever puts out another book (which he should), he should keep us old geeszers in mind and make the pictures big so as to obviate the need to throw the reading glasses on.

Anyway...on a scale of 1 to 10 rodents, I give this book and 11 NYC RATS!  this book rocks.  Check it out people.


Norman Leff

Title: The Guard: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Details & Techniques. By Joe Moreira and Ed Beneville. Grappling Arts Publications, LLC.

Joe Moreira and Ed beneville have published one of the best Braxilian Jiu-Jitsu books on the guard.

            It is full of valuable and informative information this subject.

            The photographs, innovative layout, multiple camera angle, techniques, strategy etc… make it an excellent book to purchase.

            Not only can one use it to improve one’s grappling techniques, it can also be used for self-defense purposes.

            Law enforecment, military servicement, grapplers, security agents, bodyguards and self-defense enthusiasts will all benefit from this outstanding grappling manual.

            It is a must for your library. If I had to grade this book from one to ten (ten being the highest) I would give it a ten.

            It is a fantastic book!

Norman Leff



Tadamori Ryo- Kempo Jujitsu-9th Dan Soke

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