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Vol. 3: Strategic Guard
Vol. 2: The Guard
Vol. 1: Passing the Guard

NEWS: The revised second edition is now available. It features:

-32 new pages

-thumbnail pictorial flowcharts for each chapter

-improved photo quality

-improved text

The Guard is the quintessential Brazilian Jiu Jitsu position. Other martial arts assume that once someone is on their back that the fight is over. But that assumption is unfounded. Fights don’t end just because they hit the ground. For the jiu jitsu man the fight has only just begun. The Guard is a detailed analysis of core concepts, details, and techniques key to success for ground fighting.

Author Joe Moreira reveals secrets of his guard technique developed and refined over his thirty nine years studying and teaching martial arts. In this volume he shares the fundamentals of his jiu jitsu, the specific details needed to make it work, and technique ranging from beginning to advanced. The philosophy in this book and of Moreira teaching style is that it is better to understand groups of moves/options from given positions, than isolated moves. This is an exposition of sequences of moves from specific situations, not a collection of random moves. The Guard shows not only how to attack or defend from a position but also how to respond to an opponent’s likely reactions.

Continuing in the model of Grappling Arts Publications first volume, Passing the Guard, The Guard provides a revolutionary approach in its visual presentations. Techniques are shown from multiple angles. Key points are illustrated. Photo sequences are laid out in intuitive easy to follow patterns.

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