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Vol. 3: Strategic Guard
Vol. 2: The Guard
Vol. 1: Passing the Guard

FAQ: Strategic Guard

Should I get volumes 1 and 2 first?

You do not need to get the other books first. Each of the books stands on its own and covers different topics.

What is Strategic Guard about?

Strategic Guard is the third volume in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Details and Techniques series. The book covers both offensive and defensive aspects of the guard position. Most of the book deals with defensive aspects of the position. The strategy we advocate is attacking use of the open guard position. In order to fight aggressively with the open guard you need to be able to fix your guard when a move does not work and your guard becomes compromised. If you are fighting skilled opponents, your guard will sometimes be compromised. So then, you need to know defense to make offense.

The book starts with what to do if you are very late in defending yourself, which is to say, if your guard is passed. We start with escaping side control and then the north/south position. We included positional escapes in a book on the guard because the escapes we show are the same movements you would use if your guard was almost passed, but not quite. From there we work back to situations in which you still have your opponent in the guard, but he is in danger of passing. That is the heart of the volume: recomposing and defending the open guard.

There is a chapter on how to deflect your opponent’s head with your arms to create space to defend with your legs and another on how to get back to the guard from the half guard. We go on to deal with tight passes, loose passes, knee through the middle (combat base) passes, under-hook passes, and countering submission attempts by the guard passer. Each of the topics/positions has its own chapter.

The last part of the book deals with the sitting guard. First we look at navigating the mat and adjusting to your opponent’s movements from the position. Then we show a game you can play to break your opponent’s base to set up chokes and armbars from the sitting guard. Finally, the longest chapter of the volume covers sweeps from the sitting guard with an under-hook position. This chapter includes options for just about anything your opponent might do to counter your sweep.

Read the introduction to the book here.

What’s new in the design of Strategic Guard?

New to this volume are flowcharts connecting thumbnail sized reviews of each chapter’s material. The concept is to provide the reader with an easy way to see the forest instead of just the trees. The photography and print quality in Strategic Guard is the best we have produced to date. As with Passing the Guard and The Guard, the lion’s share of the material is shown from multiple angles and key point and movements are highlighted with illustrations.

Is there overlap with the previous volumes?

Yes. Less than 10% of the material we covered in the previous volumes. But this is the longest book we have released at 260 plus page. So even with the repetition there is a full books worth of new material. If you have seen the previous valumes you know that they are packed full of information, and this one is the mostly densely packed volume yet. To the extent that we did repeat things, we did so to better show the games being demostrated.

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