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Vol. 3: Strategic Guard
Vol. 2: The Guard
Vol. 1: Passing the Guard

Strategic Guard

The hallmark of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is the guard position. BJJ not only teaches you how to defend from your back, but how to be comfortable off of it and attacking from it. If you cannot fight from your back, you are not fully prepared to fight. Strategic Guard is a detailed, organized examination of the open guard with a particular emphasis on obtaining and maintaining the guard and attacking from the open guard.

Strategic Guard features seventh degree black belt Joe Moreira's unique brand of jiu-jitsu, developed over the course of his 40 years of experience in jiu-jitsu and judo. The essence of the guard is core body movement. Strategic Guard clearly and concisely demonstrates Moreira's methods for mastery of these core body movements, which make the guard the potent weapon it is.

Strategic Guard is packed with over 2800 color photos arranged in intuitive, easy-to-follow spreads. Grappling Arts Publications prides itself on innovative visual presentations that have redefined how martial arts books are made, and this volume raises the bar again. Techniques are shown from multiple angles so you don't miss a thing. Illustrations highlight key points and demonstrate directions of movement and pressure. Thorough text descriptions provide insights and a wealth of detail for even the advanced practitioner. Topics are summarized into flowcharts using thumbnail pictures so that you can easily get the big picture.

The secrets of obtaining and maintaining the guard position are organized logically and systematically. Subject matter is examined intensively. This is not some diluted attempt at covering all things grappling; it is a focused examination of critical aspects of the guard position.

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