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Vol. 3: Strategic Guard
Vol. 2: The Guard
Vol. 1: Passing the Guard
Grapple Arts Excellent BJJ videos and techniques; extensive links.
Jiu Jitsu Gear Forum Jiu-Jitsu merchandise and discussion board with recurring cast of characters.
Max Fighting Mixed martial arts news and interviews. Video clips of BJJ sport and no gi. Tons of footage. Exclusive Merchandise.
Valerie Worthington's BJJ Blog Prancing and Sucking (SFW)
Boran BJJ James Boran's martial arts academy Excellent collection of user submitted techniques. Serving up heaping fistfuls of mixed martial arts.
MMA.TV The Underground. Popular discussion board, all things MMA.
Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu Club Marcus Vinicius' martial arts academy.
Global Jiu Jitsu Intructors Gustavo Froes and Marcelo Carvalho.
Jen Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Bolo's Jiu Jitsu Academy, Good techniques site featuring Michael Jen and Joe Moreira.
Shen Wu Tim Cartmell's martial arts acedemy. Gigantic selection of martial arts books, videos, and DVDs.
Martial Arts Product Reviews Like the name says, product reviews.
Aesopian's Totally Awesome Journal Totally awesome BJJ blog with lots of free techniques
Andreh Anderson's Blog It's not ballet it's Andreh's blog
The Myspace of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Jiu Jitsu Matrix
Grapplers Guide Grapplers Guide BJJ site centered in So. Cal. Features tips from Rigan Mahcado.
Draculino BJJ Training Vinicius "Draculino" Margalheas offers top notch online instructional videos. E-mail messages bringing you tips, techniques, and reviews.
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