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Bonus Material



Part 4

The pages which follow are from a chapter of The Guard which was not put to print, primarily because of time constraints with respect to finishing the volume. But that does not mean it is not good stuff.

This section contains three techniques from the spider guard position.The spider guard is a useful and effective position with the gi. Without the gi it is not effective because it is too dificult to sufficiently control your opponent’s wrists. With the spider guard you want to keep a standing opponent bent forward with his torso over your hips. If your opponent backs away you need to either scoot back under him or switch to something else.

You want a solid grip on your opponent’s sleeves but without overgripping. Do not White-knuckle the grip, it is not necessary. Keep your opponents elbows bent and the outside edge of your foot in the crease of his elbow.

If you don’t keep your feet in the creases of your opponent’s elbows, you make it easy for him to swim his arms free.

Kite Sweep

Blue starts to pivot on his back. Extending his right leg helps him spin.

Blue controls White with the spider guard--feet in the elbow, hands on the sleeves.

Blue lets go of White’s sleeve and grabs behind White’s calve.

Blue takes his left foot off White’s arm and places it in White’s hip. Blue has now completed a quarter turn.

In the real time sequence above Blue flows straight to the mount. This was a heavy fall for White. Even though he is never very high off the mat, he does not break his fall whatsoever...ouch!

If White does not get swept onto his back this opportunity might arise.

White wants to post up on his right arm and fix himself.

Blue grabs behind the elbow and pulls himself toward White.

Kite Sweep

White cannot stop from falling over his shoulder.

From here Blue could follow

up into side control or the mount.

Blue pushes White’s elbow away with one foot and lifts White up with both the foot in the hip and the arm behind White’s leg.

Blue puts his knee behind White’s shoulder. Blue needs to keep White’s shoulder down for this to work.

Blue’s right arm comes in underneath White’s elbow and his left hand switches from holding White’s elbow to pulling his wrist.

If White lifts his head Blue

puts his leg in front of White’s face. If not he can just push into White’s face with his knee as in the previous picture. Blue has a belly down armbar.

Knee Sweep

Blue has White in the spider guard again.

Blue has forced White to step forward.

Blue pushes White’s right arm up and a bit forward so that White is coming over Blue.

Knee Sweep

Blue takes his right foot off of White’s elbow and pushes it into White’s knee, knocking out White’s base in the process. At the same time, Blue pulls White’s arm across his body.

White has no way of stopping the sweep.

Blue transitions to the mount.


This works in combination with the previous technique. White fears the sweep and as a result he steps back with his foot (fourth frame). When he does he gives Blue the angle for the triangle choke.

Blue pushes up with one leg and pulls back with the other. His grips are firm but he does not pull so much as to work against himself.

This move starts just like the last one, but this time White reacts differently.

White steps away to fix his base as Blue pushes into White’s arm.

Here Blue has made White step out already.

First Blue takes off the outside leg.

He can prop his outside leg on White’s thigh to help lift his hips.


You cannot hit the triangle against a standing opponent unless you bring them in range. One way to do that is to control a standing opponent’s upper body with the spider guard (shown here). With the spider guard you can use the power of your lower body to off balance your opponent.

Blue pops his foot off and kicks his leg forward. At the same time he pulls White’s arm in the opposite direstion.

Because of the

good angle Blue has the triangle does not need to be deep to be effective.

The pull on White’s arm is a key element enabling Blue to lift his hips.

Note how Blue’s upper body has rotated.

Blue is perpendicular to

White as he finishes the choke.

Now Blue uses the leg around White’s neck to help further climb his hips.