Unpublished Bonus Material Pt. 1, Arm Bar/Omo Plata v. Standi

Unpublished Bonus Material Pt. 1, Arm Bar/Omo Plata v. Standing



Part 1

The pages which follow are from a chapter of The Guard which was not put to print, primarily because of time constraints with respect to finishing the volume.

This first sequence of moves starts with a basic armbar attempt and proceeds into various options depending on how your opponent reacts.

In all cases it is vital that you lift your hips up. In the case of submissions without lifting your hips you simply will not get deep enough to make them work. In the case of sweeps, your hips/torso are a prime source of momentum. As emphasized in The Guard, core body movement is the heart of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

White stands. Blue holds White’s sleeves.

Blue generates momentum with his legs to knock White forward.

Blue’s right leg is high up White’s back, in the armpit.

Blue begins to turn his hips before he uncrosses his feet. He holds White’s leg to assist his turn.

This is from what would have been Ch. 12 of The Guard.

Note the position of Blue’s legs. On is wrapped around White’s head and the other is bent over White’s armpit.

Blue squeezes his

knees, ups his hips, and keeps control of White’s arm for the finish.

Note the grips.

Blue sweeps White over White’s shoulder, not simply to the side. The arm around White’s leg lifts just a bit as Blue puts his back into the sweep.

Blue’s left leg comes back and then knocks into White’s head, off-balancing him. (Don’t whack your trainning partners in the head or soon you won’t have any.)

This is from what would have been Ch. 12 of The Guard.

Blue begins to enter into the previous technique, the arm bar.

Blue takes the opportunity to switch his attack. He lifts his hips using his left foot and extending his torso.

White tries to pass his left arm under Blue’s leg to pass guard.

Blue holds his own

shin when he wants to adjust his triangle. If he does not, space may open as he adjusts, and White will take the space away as soon as it exists.

Blue pulls White’s arm across his body to break him down. He reaches up and grabs his own foot or shin. This brings White lower.

In the alternative, Blue can go for the triangle.

White’s arm is

trapped. Blue holds his own leg to keep White’s arm trapped and straight. At the same time he uses his hips to extend White’s elbow.

Blue pushes White’s hand back with one arm and traps White’s wrist with the other arm.

Blue is not quite high enough for a regular triangle, so he decides to attack White’s arm.

[Same as from left.]

This time White pulls his arm out as Blue attempts the arm bar. Blue knows that once White clears his elbow the arm bar is lost. Blue uses the upper body rotation of White’s escape against him. Blue transitions to the omo plata.

The key here is momentum.

Blue controls White’s elbow. Turning his upper body so that his head comes close to White’s foot is key for getting the grip.

Blue has hold of White’s leg and begins to spin into and armbar.

Blue will make a 3/4 loop with his outside leg. He pivots on his upper back at the same time.

With this type of hold on White’s leg, a sweep is usually preferrable to an omo plata attempt.

At the end of the turn he climbs his hips up and brings his inside leg over the back of White’s arm.

Blue wants to sit up and drive

White down at the same time.

Blue’s back is parallel to White’s. Blue kicks his outside leg forward. His outside leg hits down on his instep, this in turn knocks down White’s shoulder.

Note how blue positions his

hands. He uses them to block White’s hips from moving either direction and his shoulder keeps them from coming up..

Blue goes immediately to side control.

If White counters the forward omo plata sweep by lifting up and trying to drive Blue’s hips back over Blue’s own head, Blue can use that also.

White pushes back into Blue. White wants his chest facing Blue’s. Blue posts his left hand.

White posts off his arm, stopping Blue’s momentum.

Blue uses his free hand as base to lift his upper body. The follow through here is essential.

Blue keeps hold of the leg until he has White fully on his back.

Blue starts to roll over his right shoulder. As he comes over the top of his roll he straightens out his torso. His butt pushes into White’s shoulder.

Blue drives his knees to the mat. All the while he pulls on White’s arm, keeping it tight to his body.

White is dragged over his


Blue is more of less sitting on White’s chest as he releases the leg and moves to side control.

Immediately Blue moves his knee into contact with White’s hips to help control them.

Blue kicks with his ouside leg to generate more momentum.

By coming in under White’s

arm, Blue can prevent White from turning into him to escape side control.

Once again, White protects his right elbow from the arm bar.

Blue tranisitions to omo plata but White defends by turning back into Blue (similar to the way White defended in the last technique).

Instead of trying to sweep

White, Blue opts for going straight for the submission. Blue uses the back of his right calf as purchase to lift his hips.

Blue crosses his feet, although they are not crossed deeply enough for a triangle. Also, this is not the best angle for the triangle.

Blue grips both hands, palm to palm, above White’s elbow.

Blue uses his neck and

shoulder to control White’s wrist. At the same time he grinds his radial wrist bone into the back of White’s elbow. Blue uses his legs to stop White from smashing down and bending his elbow to escape.