The Guard: Outtakes


The pages which follow are outtakes from Ch. 9 of The Guard.

More outtakes appear in the Bonus Material area of this website. That material consists of additional chapters from The Guard which were cut from the book. The material is primarily technique from the guard for use against a standing opponent. It is available only here, online. In order to access those pages you will need a password. The password is an answer to a question which can easily be answered by looking in The Guard (and the question will tell you exactly where to look in The Guard).

In other words, buy the book and you get access to the online Bonus Material .

Neck Crank from the Guard

Ch. 9, Neck Control Attacks, at pgs. 184-185, has a more complete layout of this technique. Here is a shorter version shown against White’s left arm instead of his right.

Blue takes a figure four grip and pulls on

White’s wrist. The result is a shoulder lock.

If White does not submit Blue with a neck crank he can make more pressure on White’s shoulder with a reverse Kimura.

Neck Crank to Omo Plata

White is able to defend his elbow from Blue pulling it.

Blue transitions to omo plata.

Blue abruptly changes course. He lets go of the elbow and uses both arms to push White’s head. He immediately starts to bring his left leg over. White’s right arm is constratined in the process.

This one also was originally part of Ch. 9, Neck Control Attacks.

Blue goes from his side to his back.

From his back he sits up.

From sitting up he switches

his knees and sits forward to finish.

Neck Crank Counter to Guard Pass

Whte brings his knee over Blue’s leg.

Blue comes up onto his elbow pushes the side of White’s head.

White pushes down on Blue’s knee.

This one was originally part of Ch. 9, Neck Control Attacks. This is a basic entry into a neck crank or at least a control position. Once the opponent’s head is trapped by your chest, he is in a tight spot. This is a good lead-in to a reverse Kimura.

Neck Crank Counter to Guard Pass

Blue come up onto his palm. Now he pushes White’s head toward the mat. His chest is close to White’s head as he pushes.

Blue pulls White’s

elbow in the direction of an arc ending behind White’s head. If White is not flexible, this will be enough to make him submit.

Blue clasps his hands together and leands back. As he leans back his abdomen presses against White’s head and neck.

Blue’s right arm scoops under White’s arm near the elbow. Blue will get maximum leverage by pulling at the elbow.