The Guard: Outtakes


The pages which follow are outtakes from Ch. 6 of The Guard.

More outtakes appear in the Bonus Material area of this website. That material consists of additional chapters from The Guard which were cut from the book. The material is primarily technique from the guard for use against a standing opponent. It is available only here, online. In order to access those pages you will need a password. The password is an answer to a question which can easily be answered by looking in The Guard (and the question will tell you exactly where to look in The Guard).

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American Lock from the Guard

This is the Americana from the guard. A similar technique appears at pgs. 128-129 of The Guard, where it is shown as a follow up to an elbow attack. This is the direct version of the technique.

White defends by holding Blue’s biceps.

Blue puts his foot on White’s hip and snakes away to make space. Making space undermines the effectiveness of holding the biceps for White.

First Blue traps White’s elbow and then he reaches under White’s wrist.

American Lock from the Guard

Blue transitions to the figure-four grip.

Blue’s right elbow is to the side of White’s head.

Note the position of Blue’s thumbs. By taking his foot off White’s hip and moving it to White’s back, Blue gives himsetlf room to apply the submission. To make this work, Blue must keep White’s elbow bent at a right angle and push opposite White’s thumb.

Armlock Variation

Armlock Variation #2

Blue already has his knee through. He holds with both hands for more power to break White’s grip. He holds White’s left arm to make it easier to off balance White.

Blue’s whole body turns, taking White’s upper body with it.

Blue’s knee pushes White’s shoulder down.

Blue secures his grips and pushes White’s head away.

Blue has solid control where

he is. He does not need to bring his leg in front of White’s face. His foot in White’s hip keeps White from coming forward. The submission hyperextends the elbow.

This was part of Ch. 6’s Knee in Chest Series of techniques.

Finish from Omo Plata Sweep

Blue traps White’s arm.

Squeeze the knees!

Be mindful of the direction of the opponent’s thumb.

Blue bases off his right arm to help move his hips away from White just a bit.

Blue puts his right leg over before White can sit up.

This was part of Ch. 6’s Knee in Chest Series of techniques. The lead-in technique appears at pgs. 120-121. This is what to do if when you roll over your opponent’s arm does not end up trapped under your right hip.