The Guard: Outtakes


The pages which follow are outtakes from Ch. 6 of The Guard.

More outtakes appear in the Bonus Material area of this website. That material consists of additional chapters from The Guard which were cut from the book. The material is primarily technique from the guard for use against a standing opponent. It is available only here, online. In order to access those pages you will need a password. The password is an answer to a question which can easily be answered by looking in The Guard (and the question will tell you exactly where to look in The Guard).

In other words, buy the book and you get access to the online Bonus Material .

Elbow Attack to the Inside

This technique was originally part of Ch. 6, Vs an Upright Posture. This is a great technique but I was not quite satisfiied with the camera angles. Frank Mir submitted an opponent with this in the UFC and without a gi.

White tries to defend by escaping his elbow to the inside. As he does Blue improves his grip around White’s elbow with both hands firmly around White’s elbow. Blue crunches forward. White’s wrist get jammed by Blue sitting forward. If White does not take evasive action, his wrist will be bent backward and locked.

White hides his elbow inside Blue’s thigh.

Blue sits up and cups his right hand behind White’s elbow.

Elbow Attack to the Inside

Blue wants White’s elbow bent. He cranks the elbow to the inside. The result is a shoulder lock. There is also pain to the elbow.

If the move fails, Blue at

least has broken White down.

White’s escapes the wrist-lock by sliding his hand to Blue’s side.

Elbow Attack to the Inside, Follow Up

This is a follow up to the previous page. This type of figure four arm lock is hard to finish with the arms alone. By shifting his hips and using his leg to make pressure, Blue gets the extra power he needs to make the submission work.

Blue once again traps

White’s forearm and is about to crank the elbow to the inside.

The submission attempt is

thwarted by White twisting his arm to the inside (so his elbow points to the outside).

Blue posts off of his left foot and right elbow. He is repositioning his body for another attack on White’s elbow.

Blue makes a figure fout grip, his right hand pushes on White’s shoulder.

Blue puts the ball of his foot

in White’s hip and pushes the top of his thigh into his own arm for extra power to hyper extend White’s elbow.