Bonus Material


Bonus Material



Part 2

The pages which follow are from a chapter of The Guard which was not put to print, primarily because of time constraints with respect to finishing the volume. In any event, here it is.

The first spread is a closed guard sweep against a standing opponent that is taught just about everywhere. It is common because it is effective, which is all the more reason to get good at it. The closed guard sweep is not connected to the others, but it is an easy transition from it to the others. The key is to make sure you have grips on both of the opponent’s sleeves or wrists before opening your legs and moving your feet to his hips.

The remaining sweeps are from the open guard and all start with the feet on opponent’s hips. As with any sequence, the move are necessarily shown in a particular order. During combat however, the way things will play out is not entirely predictable. That being the case, it is ultimately more important to learn to recognize opportunities than it is to simply memorize sequences. But at the same time, bear in mind that memorizing sequences of moves will make you more aware of the opportunities to use those moves regardless of the order in which the opportunities present themselves.

Closed Guard Sweep & Armbar

White is standing with his feet relatively close to Blue’s head.

Blue’s hip pushes sideways into White’s leg at or just above the knee. Blue’s left arm pushes, but the power comes from his torso. Because White’s foot is trapped it does not take much to knock him over.

Blue holds his own lapel with his right arm. His left hand goes palm down onto the mat. His hips drop slightly down and to the left.

Blue underhooks White’s left leg. Blue needs to keep his other arm free of any grip by White. If White does get a grip on Blue’s free arm he more or less shuts this sweep down.

After bein knocked over. White tries to stop Blue from coming forward by straightening out his arm to block Blue.

Blue is unable to go further than up to his elbow.

Closed Guard Sweep & Armbar

Blue comes up right away. First on his elbow, then off his hand.

Now that he is on

top he centers himself in the mount position.

Blue repositions his hand as he moves forward.

Blue is turned to his side as he lands, not flat on his back. Blue’s weight falls on White’s left leg, pinning it.

By straightening out his arm, White has left himself vulnerable to the armlock. Blue grabs White’s arm.

Blue traps White arm tightly and sits back. Blue uses the inside of his thigh to put pressure on White’s tricep. This hinders White from pulling his elbow clear of danger.

Blue brings his leg in front of White’s face and finishes with the armbar (juji-gatame).

Open Guard Hooking Sweep

Blue has control of the sleeves and his feet in White’s hips.

White leans back and begins to step back his right leg.

White pulls free his right arm. As he does, Blues turns slightly to his right side and immediately hooks his left foot behind White’s trailing leg.

This is a follow up to the previous technique.

Blue can use his free hand to post. Or, depending on the angle White falls, Blue can come up by a different method.

As White falls, Blue see-saws up.

Now that White is falling, the role of Blue’s sleeve grip changes. Once White is falling for sure, Blue can use the sleeve grip to help lift himself.

Open Guard Hooking Sweep

Blue uses his forward snake move to follow White (see pgs. 24-27).

Simultaneously, Blue scoots forward with the help of his palm on the mat, pulls with left hook/foot, and pushes with his right foot.

Blues right hand is just keeping White from grabbing anything. His legs make the sweep.

Either way, Blue uses his grip on White’s sleeve to pull himself up into the mount.

Open Guard Reaping Sweep

This time White counters by pushing down on Blue’s hooking left leg. Blue uses the momentum White creates while doing so against him.

White steps back and Blue hooks his foot in to follow White.

Blue reaps White’s left leg.

White has a little control over Blue’s knee, but none over Blue’s leg below the knee. Blue’s free hand either grabs behind White’s calf, orgrabs White’s wrist.

As with the previous technique, once White is at the point of no return, Blue uses his sleeve grip to pull himself forward.

Open Guard Reaping Sweep

White pushes down on Blue’s left leg.

Blue goes with White. Blue turns deeper to his right side than with the previous sweep. He crunches his torso forward as he does.

Blue chops at White’s ankle

with one leg and jolts into White’s hip with the other.

Blue goes chest to chest right away. As he does he clears his leg before White goes to half guard.

Open Guard Underhook Sweep

This time White is wise to Blue’s follow up sweep and counters it by dropping his body down. Blue is ready with a third option.

White steps back.

White pushes down Blue’s hooking leg, but this time he also drops to his knee and lowers his upper body for base.

Blue hooks White’s leg.

Open Guard Underhook Sweep

As Blue drops down he turns to his side, not on his back. Blue elevates White with his leg while rotating with his upper body.

Once White’s back

hits the mat, Blue can slip off the hook with his right leg and put that leg to the outside to finish the mount.

Because White has lowered his upper body, Blue only has to sit up a little to get the underhook with his right arm. He comes up on his left elbow to do so.

Blue takes his foot off of White’s hip, and hooks it under White’s knee. Blue gives up the base on his left elbow and uses that arm to trap White’s right arm where it is.

Open Guard Flip Sweep

White steps back and Blue follows.

This time White steps back again to stop Blue from sweeping.

Blue’s hips are now almost straight below White’s. This is very good for Blue.

Blue holds White’s sleeves.

Blue pulls White’s

arms as if to put them ontop of Blue’s head. As he does his legs lift White.

White is going over for sure at this point.

As White goes over, Blue can use his feet like hands to help follow.

Blue picks a side and rolls over that shoulder.

A sweep and a mount in one motion!

Open Guard Flip Sweep

Here is another entry to flipping the opponent over your head from the bottom. The key here is to quickly slide underneath the opponent by simultaneously pulling on his sleeves and lifting yourself with your feet. Doing so unweights your back for just an instant and during that time you slide into position for the sweep. If you can get your back a little bit off the mat, that is even better.

Blue has control of White’s sleeves. White knows that Blue has many options from this range and so he steps back both of his feet.

As White retreats he pulls Blue’s shoulders up. White will need to lower his butt a bit for balance. The bend this puts in White’s thighs helps Blue lift up his back with his feet/legs.

Here we see Blue in the process of sliding under. White’s natural reaction is to stand up when he feels Blue pulling him down/forward. This helps Blue.

Blue now has his hips in deep.

From here it is easy to lift White straight up. Once he is in the air White has no base and it only takes a little pull to send him over.

From here Blue will back

roll into the mount as on the previous page.

All at once Blue pulls back with his arms like doing a row and curls back his legs. The soles of his feet are on White’s thighs. His goal is to make White carry his weight for a fraction of a second so that he can slide his hips underneath White’s.





Double Ankle Pick

Counter and re-counter, so it goes. As players move opportunities come and go only to be replaced by other opportunities. Anticipating opportunities is half the battle. Because Blue knows White’s likely defenses, he is ready to seize the opportunities they present as they arise.

Blue is about to use the previous technique.

... and hops forward

to stuff the sweep.

White drops his center of gravity...

White is aware of the sweep and is cautious not to let himself be off-balanced forward.

At this point White is committing his weight to the rear.

Blue pushes with his feet and pulls with his arms.

Blue lets go of White’s sleeves and grabs White’s ankles.

Blue hooks his

ankles in under White’s legs and takes the mount position.

Blue grabs a lapel with his other arm to pull himself up.

Blue picks a side and posts his hand on that sides hand.