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Vol. 3: Strategic Guard
Vol. 2: The Guard
Vol. 1: Passing the Guard

The Guard

Passing The Guard

The Guard

Q.        What is The Guard about?

A.        The book is about that most quintessential of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu positions, the guard.

There are a couple themes which tie the book together:

1.         The use of core body movement (snake moves) for offense and defense from the guard.

2.         Games that can be played from various positions. By games we refer to a sequence of techniques from a given starting point. For any given attack there are a number of probable reactions or defenses. Rather than showing moves in isolation, The Guard ties together groups of techniques that fit together providing a game plan from given positions.

Q.        What information is covered?

A.        The Guard has chapters on the following topics:

Fundamentals of the guard (core body movement and its application).

Q.        Is The Guard like the Passing the Guard book?

A.        Yes. Like PTG the new volume uses multiple camera angles and illustrations to make the photo sequences clear and easy to follow. In fact, The Guard has more pictures per technique, illustrations, and multiple camera angles then PTG. Once again everything is in full color. The format is basically the same. Both books are geared toward visual learning and well supplemented with text. There are over 2200 pictures in The Guard.

Q.        Does The Guard have drills like Passing The Guard.

A.        Absolutely. This time around the drills are covered primarily in the section on fundamentals, though others appear elsewhere. We took this approach to make the reasons and applications for the drills more readily apparent.

Q.        Does The Guard have tips and commentary like Passing The Guard.

A.        Yes.

Q.        Who is this book for?

A.        The Guard is for anyone with an interest in ground fighting. The book is written from a sport Brazilian Jiu Jitsu perspective, meaning the players are wearing gis and that defending against strikes is not a priority. It is not difficult for someone with a little experience to discern how the material applies to a no-gi, mixed martial arts, or self defense situation.

Q.        What level is the content?

A.        Beginner to advanced. White and blue belts have the most to gain from the volume as they have the most to learn in general. There is a good deal of attention paid to basics and principals. Joe Moreira has 37 years experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the refinement of his technique shows through in his execution of technique. That is certainly a benefit for middle and high belt practitioners who will be exposed to the little details that can make big differences and who will pick things up that lower belts do not realize are of consequence. Though Joe Moreira’s preference is for high percentage moves, there is certainly no shortage of advanced technique in the volume.

Q.        Who are the authors?

A.        Joe Moreira, seventh degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and third degree black belt in Judo. Ed Beneville the co-author of Passing the Guard and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Passing The Guard

Q: What is this book about?

A: As the title indicates, the emphasis of the book is on passing the guard. Instead of trying to address all things jiu-jitsu, the subject matter is focused on things incidental to passing the guard (which indeed is more than enough to fill a book).

Q: Does the book cover submissions?

A: Yes. The book covers attacks from the guard (because you have to know them to defend them), submission without passing (these are exceptions to the general rule that you have to pass before attacking), and submissions against the turtle position.

Q: Why is the turtle position included?

A: Jiu-jitsu players end up in the turtle position as a defense to having their guards passed. In Judo, players go to the turtle position to avoid mat work. So, you need answers for the turtle position. There is a complete chapter dedicated to the turtle position.

Q: How is this book any different from other martial arts books?

A: Download the sample pages and see for yourself. We have attempted to improve on typical martial arts books across the board. To often martial arts books are hard to follow: you have to know the techniques already to understand how the models got from position A to position B, the text is seperated from the picture to which it corresponds, and the descriptions are sparse and cryptic. Passing the Guard, by contrast, shows you how to get from A to B (by including more photos), the text is next to the pictures, and the descriptions are detailed. In addition, this book shows lots of the little details that are crucial to success.

Q: What aspects of BJJ are covered (sport/vale tudo/street)?

A: Passing the Guard is geared towards Brazilian Sport Jiu-Jitsu. The information is very relevant to Judo and Sambo. Some of it is good for street fighting and self-defense. And more of it is good for no gi wrestling. All of it is good for Brazilian Sport Jiu-Jitsu.

Q: How much is the book?

A: $36.95 U.S.

Q: What are your credentials?

A: Tim Cartmell began his martial arts training with the Chinese styles, including ten years of training in China. He has been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 1995, and is currently a brown belt under Cleber Luciano. Tim is an Asian Full-Contact tournament champion, and has won several Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments, including the Copa Pacifica at the blue, purple and brown and black belt levels. Tim is also a submissions grappling tournament winner. Tim Cartmell presently runs the Shen Wu School of Martial Arts in Garden Grove, California.

Ed Beneville is a Black Belt under seventh degree black belt, Joe Moreira, and has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 1996. Ed has entered and won many BJJ tournaments, hi-lights include multiple Pan-American titles at purple, brown and black belt levels. Ed is an attorney practicing business and contract law in Southern California.

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